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Internet Domain Name Registration

As a business owner one of the most important steps in setting up your business is setting up your online presence. This means that you need to create a web site with an attractive, user-friendly and informative Web Design and reliable web hosting. Part of the process of setting up your website involves registering your own internet domain name.

What is a Domain Name ?

A domain name is the name of your web site and it is unique to you. By registering your domain name you are creating ownership of that name. Having your own domain name creates your own presence on the internet that acts as a calling card or business card for your company.

First Impressions
Visitors to a web site gain an impression of the site from the name alone. The domain name can go a long way in terms of first impressions and as a small business you want to create the best first impressions possible. Domain name registration is important to allow you to choose the best name for your web site and to make it your own. Having your own internet domain name, as opposed to a shared website address, creates an impression of professionalism and reliability. This is an impression that any business wants to create as it is likely to attract more customers.

Internet Domain Name Branding

Internet Domain Name - Web Marketing

Brand Building
A domain name can help to promote and build your brand. By registering a domain name with the name of your company included, with a reliable web hosting company, the name of your website, and therefore the name of your brand will be accessible and available to anyone searching the internet for services that you provide. By having your brand name out there, you will attract more customers. A brand name in a domain name increases brand awareness and information that becomes easily remembered and passed on to other potential customers.

If you own your own domain name it can become portable around the Internet. You can choose to move to a new web hosting company and retain the same domain name, which would not be the case if you are sharing a domain name. Having to change your domain name when you move to a new company would result in your losing customers and having to start building up your customer base from scratch. Having your own registered domain name allows you to move around and keep your existing customers with you.

Search Engine Ranking
Web sites with their own domain names are given preferences by search engines, while websites that are sub-domains or share domains are ranked lower by search engines. Your web site's search engine ranking is very important in terms of the exposure your website will be given. If your web site ranks low with a search engine, many potential customers may never even hear about your site when they search on the internet for a product you provide. It is therefore very important to ensure you register your own domain name to give your website, and therefore your business, the best chance at success.


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